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The Guest Cottage

 Updated: August 27, 2003

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The Guest Cottage is rented to tourists as part of the Bellamare Villa complex.

Construction History

The guest cottage was the first structures we built on the property. This is the design submitted to and approved by the Planning and Building Boards in the last week of May, 1997. Construction commenced on August 18th, 1997.

[Guest House front view]

La Vanda, As Planned

Above is a view for a one bedroom guest villa to be located between the main house and the software lab, a short stroll to the beach. Allowing privacy for guests and ourselves.

The villa has a wide front porch facing the view, a bedroom and bath on the left side (east, breezy) and a large living room/kitchen/work area on the right (west, hot afternoon sun). We are planning louvered windows in all rooms with louvered doors opening onto the porch. All with screens.

As the floor plan below shows, the villa is fully equiped for a couple, perhaps with children (the main room could contain a sofa bed). There is room for a full desk and computer, as all buildings will be connected to the Internet. As we do not intend to aircondition the villa, we have put only a partial wall between the bedroom and the living room to promote ventilation (there will be fans as well).

[Guest Villla Floorplan]

Overview of the Guest Villa As Planned

Overview without roof

The Guest house, As Built

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La Vanda, our Guest House.

A few things changed as we built the guest house.

First of all, we decided to put a door from the inside to the utility room. This little change had enormous consequences.

The extra door gave us a back door to the villa, where we decided to install an outdoor shower for returning from the beach.

Once we had the shower, we needed privacy, so we added an exotic and private walled garden.

One negative side effect: the water pump is in the utility area, which is now inside the house and noisy. It should be moved to a quieter location, but for now we have solved the problem by installing a valve that allows us to use the water pump in the technology center instead.

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