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We are building on a Caribbean island. Although we learned a great deal on our previous island building in British Columbia, we did not feel it prepared us completely for building on an island in the tropics. Research is essential.

Recommended Books

There aren't many current construction or architecture books about the tropics, but here are the ones we found. I've rated them according to how useful I found them to my project on Anguilla, zero to 5 stars. If the book is a highlighted link, you can click on it and go directly to that book's page on where you can read more about it or buy it. Book links provided in association with Amazon.Com Books.

"Blueprint For Paradise"

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A classic book.

One of the classic books we read while dreaming about building on Anguilla id Blueprint for Paradise: How to Live on a Tropic Island"

We bought a copy in 1993 from a speciality store, but could never find it in stock anywhere else. A fun book, which covers construction on tropic islands ranging from remote South Pacific atolls to reasonably civilized places like St. Thomas.

Sept 2004: Henry Babcock writes: "Blueprint for Paradise" is still available where I first bought it over 10 years ago: - I just called Loompanics, and they said they have 23 copies left. I ordered a new one yesterday, because I loaned my old one to someone and I'm not sure if I will get it back. I'm thinking of buying more; I saw people selling it used on Amazon and for $60 to $100....

"Caribbean Home Ownership"

Note: No Longer Available!

There is a book called Caribbean Home Ownership - A Novices' Handbook. This book was written John O'Toole, who built a home on the island of Culebra, located between Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. He covers an amazing array of practical problems that must be faced in any Caribbean construction project.

Here is a list of the Chapters and topics:

  1. Home Ownership Basics
  2. Water-its sources, collection, handling, storage, use, re-use and - alternate sources
  3. Conservation of Water
  4. Electric Power
  5. Fire Protection
    if you'll need this, don't ignore it
  6. Other Considerations

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