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This is the web site for the three villas that I built on Anguilla and the villa that I am renovating in St Barts (see Azu Villa Renovation Page), plus tropical construction tips and resources as well. These construction projects started in 1997, although land acquisition and architectural planning started in 1995. Every stage of the construction is recorded here.

We rent the villa in St Barts and the guest cottage in Anguilla (La Vanda) and the villa at the top of the Anguilla property (Mimosa), but we keep the beachfront house and pool for our own use. And we have created a name and web page for the overall completed property: Bellamare

For details on the main Anguilla beachfront house, visit the Residence Construction Page.

For the technology center, visit the "Clubhouse" Construction Page.

And finally, for the guest cottage, our first attempt at construction on Anguilla, visit the La Vanda Construction Page.

-- Mary Ann Green

Construction Tips

Thursday, October 09, 2003   Permalink

Where to Get Mosquito Magnets?

We use three Mosquito Magnets to keep down the bug population on our property and are happy with them. Here is a supplier that promises the lowest price:

Mosquito Magnet Depot - Lowest price guarantee on Mosquito Magnets; effective control for mosquitoes and no-see-ums.

Where to Get 3-D Insteel Panels?

Some of the links we have for 3D panels, which we used in our constructions, are now dead. Andy Fox at Georgia Tech found this supplier in Vista, California:

Where to Get Stainless Hinges?

We get a lot of requests for where to buy stainless steel hinges. George Rathgeber in the Bahamas has good experiences with

718 N.W. First Street,
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33311 USA

They have a wide variety available in stainless. I spoke to a super gal named Charlene who was very informative and helpful. She related that she does a lot of business with people in the Bahamas and she has had no problems with their hinges holding up to the corrosive environment of the beach. Their number is: (954) 527-4220. Download their electronic catalog or request a print catalog. Toll-free Phone: (800) 68-HINGE (44643). Fax: (954) 527-4229. Toll-free Fax: (800) 808-7789. E-mail: Web Site:

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